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Air liquide Monnal T75 ICU Ventilator


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Description for Air liquide Monnal T75 ventilator
Brand : Airliquide Medical
Model : Monnal T75

Specification of Air Liquide Monnal T75:

Brand Air Liquide
Model Monnal T75
Ventilation Modes VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSIMV, PSV, PRVC, PSV-NIV, APRV, CPAP, NIV in all barometric modes, PS Pro, Duo-leve
Respiratory Rate RR (5 to 100 bpm)
RSBI (Rapid Shallow Breathing Index) yes
Patient Age Group Adult, Paediatric
Plateau (%) 0-60%
Patient Range Adult,Child,Infant
Patient Weight 3 to 250 kg / 20 to 2,000 ml

Features of Air liquide Monnal T75:

Monnal T75 Feature :
For Invasive and non-invasive ventilation, as well as high flow oxygen therapy.
Monnal T75 high performance and versatile ventilator. Its compact, mobile design and built-in power source fulfil patient and health care staff requirements.
Monnal T75 is quick, convenient and safe to operate, making it ideal for a wide range of health care use. :
· Patient range Adult, child, infant
· Patient weight 3 to 250 kg / 20 to 2,000 ml
Main parameters :
· Vt (20 to 2,000 ml), RR (4 to 120 Bpm), PI (2 to 99 cm H2O), PS (2 to 40 cm H2O), Vpeak (180 l/min)
· Invasive ventilation modes : VCV, PCV, PRVC, SIMV, PSIMV, PSV, CPAP, PS-Pro, Duo-Levels
· Non invasive ventilation modes PSV, CPAP, Duo-Levels, APRV
Performance :
· From intermediate to critical care
· Synchronization and pressurization quality in invasive and non-invasive ventilation
· Wide range of ventilation modes including PSV, Duo-Levelsn APRV, high-flow oxygen therapy function, PS-Pro
· Patients from newborns to adults
· Air and power supply autonomy
· Optimized mobility
· Automatic compliance and resistance measurement
· Complete capnography including EtCO2, VMCO2, VMalv, VDaw
· Weaning index: P0.1, NIF, WOBI
Monnal Clean’In : Monnal Clean’In is a filter which guarantee the purity of the air breathed by the patient.
· An HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter taht filters 99.97% of the particules
· Fully integrated into the ventilator
· Easy to handle
PS-Pro Mode :
PS-Pro is a unique mode specifically designed to assist patient recovery. Its self-adapting behavior offers safe, continuous and confortable ventilation.
Using PS-Pro medical staffs are free to focus more on delivering care to the patient.
Ventilator with Trolley
Inbuilt Turbine ( No air source required )
Optional : Humidifier


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